The business world is competitive, and having a great product is not always enough. You also need a deep understanding of the market to remain competitive.

You have to keep innovating and releasing new product variations in the market. The consumer’s needs and tastes are always changing, and you must keep up with these changes.

You also need to be aware of your competitor’s movements at all times. One move in the right direction and your competitor could take away your market share. Price scraping also ensures that you price your goods in a way that attracts customers to your…

HTTP headers can be found everywhere on the internet. Whether you know programming or not, you’ve probably seen it. One of the most common places you’ll locate an HTTP header is in your browser’s address bar. All the websites you visit will start with the “https://” line. If you’re an upcoming programmer, your first Hello World script also sent HTTP headers without you even realizing it.

In this article, we’re going to explore what HTTP headers are all about. We’re going to provide all the information you need to know about HTTP headers.

HTTP Headers — What are They?

HTTP is an acronym; it stands for…

If you run a business online, the chances are that you’re already well familiar with the ever-increasing need to hide your identity online. Well, proxies excel at that. Using proxies is one of the most effective ways to hide your IP address and stay anonymous online.

When we’re talking about the main types of proxies, we typically refer to the everlasting battle between dedicated and shared proxies. …

The world of web scraping is continually growing and expanding, which leads to a lot of repetitive and common questions asked by internet users interested in all the benefits that web crawling and scraping has to offer. Individual and business users are all interested in one thing — to find out how to avoid getting blocked by target websites and servers.

The next thing they’re most interested in is the way to increase the quality of extracted data. Well, the answer is quite simple — an HTTP header Referer. HTTP headers excel at avoiding getting your web scraper blocked.


Imagine you have something you want to ask from a person, but you don’t want them to know it’s you who’s asking. What do you do? You ask a third person to handle the exchange for you. Proxy servers work on the same principle — your computer tells a proxy what data it wants, and the proxy gets it for you. Because the website only communicates with the proxy server, it has no idea it’s you behind the requests.

The Most Common Proxy Types

What is proxy?

A proxy is a gateway that serves as an intermediary between you and the wider internet. There are many ways to…

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